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Welcome to VintageFishbowl.com

VintageFishBowl.com is a site specializing in recreating the vintage glass fish bowls from the Art Deco era of the 1920’s.  These beautiful “decorator” designs are available through VintageFishbowl.com or select retailers.

Add a piece of beautiful history and class to your home or office.  The large sizes of these bowls are perfect for a “SLO Mermaid” set-up, or special events such as wedding decorations.  These fish bowls can even be used as decorative planters for carnivorous plants and orchids.

The Vintage Fish Bowls of the early 1900’s were mostly used for goldfish, and now as the hobby has evolved these beautiful fish bowls can be used for a variety of aquatic life.  The Betta fish has gained in popularity and is now one of the most popular fish kept.  Vintage Fish Bowls are the perfect environment to maintain and display the elegant Betta fish.  Other Nano-type fish will do well in Vintage Fish Bowls such as Killifish, Micro Tetras, live shrimp, Micro-Rasboras and more!

Many of the original bowls had their own art deco fish bowl stands.  If you have a stand that is missing the bowl, simply email us a photo and we will let you know if we have your correct bowl in stock.  We do not list all our bowls on our website as some of them are produced in very limited numbers, less than 5.  All our bowls are hand blown either in the U.S.A. or China.  Please keep an eye on our site for future bowl designs and “one of a kind” rare offerings.

Wholesale pricing is available to qualified retailers.  Email us a copy of your business license for wholesale pricing.

New Arrivals


1920's Black Tiffin Dolphin Base


RARE antique parlor aquarium victorian con...


1890's "Cassel" Faux Bois Aquarium

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1890's "Cassel" Port Hole Aquarium


1920's Large Polar Bear Chalkware Fish Bow...


1920's Art Deco "Canteen Bowl" Fish Stand


1920-30's Art Deco Fish Bowl Stand


3 Vees Turtle Food (Oval Tin)


Bishop's Natural Fish Food


Spratt's Aquarium Fish Food


High Tropical Fish Food (Jar - No Lid)


Chappel's Pup-E-Crumbles (Dog Food Sample ...


1940's Boy/Girl Chalkware


1920's Weller Pottery of Fishing Boy


1920's Verona Table Top Fish Bowl and Stand


Dog Advertising: Original 1930's Advertisi...


1920's Czechoslovakian Pottery of a Boy & ...


1920's "Jewel" Bungalow Aquarium


1940's Bathing Beauty Chalkware with Bowl


1890's Fiske Fountain Aquarium


1920's Egyptian Revival Mermaid Stand


1890-1910 Victorian Fish Bowl Stand with O...


1920's Verona Fish Bowl Stand with Dolphin...


1920's Verona Table Top Mermaid Stand With...


1920's Cast Iron "Dancing Frog" Table Top ...


1920's Verona Mermaid Table Top with Origi...


1920's Stylized Mermaid Stand with Bowl


Round Glass Cylinder Bowl


Canteen Fishbowl Tall (3 Gallon)


Original Antique 1920 Brass Ship Stand


Civil War Aquarium


Flared Round Bottom Bowl


Beaded Rim Bowl


Oval Bowl Large


Product Spotlight

Large Fishbowl with Dolphin Base

Large Fishbowl with Dolphin Base

  • Size: Approximately 3 Gallons
  • Width: 12 inches
  • Height: 16.5 inches