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Replacement vintage style 1920’s type fishbowls for antique fishbowl stands.

As I was collecting vintage fishbowl stands the past 40 years I noticed that I would find only 1 original bowl for approximately every 10 stands I found. I began a search to try and replicate the 1920’s era fishbowls that went with these stands and found the journey was not an easy one. I finally figured out I would have to make an iron glass bowl mold (about $4,000. in cost) and find a glass company that would do a small production run of these bowls. Turns out the minimum run was 100 bowls and some of the designs go with such rare stands that I probably will not sell the original production run of 100 in my lifetime! So, this was a labor of love for me to get bowls for all my stands that were missing them. The most popular one I sell, the 3-gallon canteen bowl, is the most difficult to make and I have gone through 3 glass companies that refuse to make this one anymore as they tell me they break 2 for every 1 they successfully blow/make!!

When determining which bowl, you need please take into consideration the width of the bowl cradle and match this with the bowl width. (bowl should be slightly narrower.) Also, plus felt on the bottom of your bowl cradle so the bowl does not sit directly on metal and make sure no decorative metal on the sides put any pressure of your bowl. If you are unsure of which bowl you need please send me a picture of your stand and include a photo of the top bowl cradle looking straight down.

Buy-Sell-Trade Antique aquariums, terrariums, and vintage pet shop type items.

I have been a passionate collector of antique aquariums and related pet products for over 40 years now. I will list in this section ones I have for sale from time to time. Please feel free to ask any questions about any of the ones listed here for sale. All of them are original antiques and most have some minor restoration such as paint work or minor metal work. If you have an antique aquarium or related pet item for sale, please email me a picture and your asking price. If you have one that you want to restore, please see my restoration section.

Slo Mermaid Deco Aquarium Ornaments

These are vintage style Art Deco reproductions of aquarium ornaments pictured in the Grassyfork Goldfish catalog from the late 1920’s. All are hand-made and painted and made of bisque (unglazed porcelain) which is true to the original style. Made in a limited run of 5,000 of each style and once they are sold out will not be re-made.


I am happy to consult, free of charge, on minor restoration of any antique aquarium projects you have. I am very busy though and have a “day job” so don’t expect a super-fast answer!!

I also have the capabilities to restore broken cast iron, zinc repair, missing parts re-made, artist quality missing paint touch up, and bird cage repair. I use 4 different local artisans for this and their work is simply amazing. Price is not cheap for restoration, so I recommend you only restore pieces you truly love and want to keep. Prices start at $200. and can go as high as $3,000. + for things like a large iron fountain aquarium with breakage, missing glass, rust, missing finials, etc.


I have worked in the pet industry since I was 11 years old and been collecting vintage pet items since I was 16. I have over 300 vintage pet and aquarium catalogs dating back to the 1860’s so I can find pretty much any product made in the pet industry in the last 150+ years. I have consulted with auction houses and auction monitoring services before and I charge $100. hour with a minimum $200. charge. Let me know if I can be of service.

Odds & Ends

Oddball stuff for sale not relating to aquariums or pet keeping.

Museum Pieces

Extremely rare or one of a kind pieces for museums or the advanced collector.

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I have been working on “The International Aquarium & Pet Museum" and hope to have a live website in 2018 and a physical location in San Luis Obispo within the next 5 years. Please sign up for notifications of when the site will go live.

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Canteen Fishbowl Ribbed Large

A giant 5-gallon size crystal glass bowl made to fit specific "High End" type 1920 fishbowl stands

SKU: ZG-16
Size in Gallons (Approx.): 5 Gallon
Width: 15" in.
Depth: 10.5" in.
Height: 14" in.

Price: $200.00
Canteen Fishbowl - Giant Round Bottom

This was originally made in the 1920's by a different manufacturer than the canteen bowls and hence fits very specific stands

SKU: ZG-23
Size in Gallons (Approx.): 5 Gallon
Width: 15" in.
Depth: 7.75" in.
Height: 13" in.

Price: $200.00
Beaded Rim Bowl

This is for one 1.5 gallon "Egyptian Revival" shape fish bowl that fits many of the odd Verona fishbowl stands from the 1920's.

SKU: ZG-24
Size in Gallons (Approx.):2 Gallon (Approx.)
Width: 12 in.
Height: 8 in.

Price: $185.00
Flared Round Bottom Bowl

Flared Round Bottom Bowl; Large 3 gallon capacity so can be set up as a small Nano Tank.

SKU: ZG-18
Size in Gallons (Approx.):3 Gallon
Width: 11.8 in.
Height: 7.9 in.

Price: $150.00
Footed - Bottom Flare Bowl

Footed/ Flared-bottom Fish Bowl; Large 3-gallon capacity so can be set-up as a small Nano Tank.

SKU: ZG-13
Size in Gallons (Approx.): 3 Gallon
Width: 12.2 in.
Height: 9.1 in.

Price: $150.00
NEW! - Large Egyptian Revival Glass Fish Bowl for Vintage Fishbowl Stands

This is for one 1.5 gallon "Egyptian Revival" shape fish bowl that fits many of the odd Verona fishbowl stands from the 1920's.

SKU: ZG-31
Size in Gallons (Approx.): 1.5 Gallon
Width: 10.5 in.
Height: 10 in.

Price: $85.00
Oval Bowl Large

Large 4.5-gallon oval fishbowl.

SKU: ZG-30
Size in Gallons (Approx.): 4.5 Gallon
Width: 15 in.
Depth: 9.5 in.
Height: 10 in.

Price: $200.00
Large Fishbowl with Dolphin Base

Classic fishbowl with glass footed Dolphin base; The most beautiful bowl that rests on a glass dolphin base in the new Zoo Med Glassworks line!

SKU: ZG-11
Size in Gallons (Approx.):
3 Gallon
Width: 12 in.
Height: 16.5 in.

Price: $250.00
Canteen Fishbowl Tall (3 Gallon) - New Larger Top Opening!

This is the most popular bowl made for the antique 1920's art deco fish bowl stands.

SKU: ZG-21
Size in Gallons (Approx.):
3 Gallon
Width: 15 in.
Depth: 5 3/8 in.
Height: 14.5 in.

Price: $200.00
Beaded Rim Fishbowl Large

A very beautiful bowl with a "Beaded" or "Scarab Beetle" in the "Egyptian Style" type top rim.

SKU: ZG-25
Size in Gallons:
3 Gallon (Approx.)
14" in.
Height: 9.25" in.

Price: $200.00
Round Glass Cylinder Bowl

Round 2-gallon glass cylinder bowl

SKU: ZG-27
Size in Gallons (Approx.): 2 Gallon
Width: 9.8125 in.
Height: 7.875 in.

Price: $45.00
Canteen Fishbowl Tall (2 Gallon)

The most popular fishbowl for the 1920 deco fishbowl stands is the 3-gallon canteen bowl. However, there were a few stands made that held the smaller 2-gallon bowl. I only have two original 2-gallon bowls in 35 years of collecting these items.

SKU: ZG-20
Size in Gallons (Approx.): 2 Gallon
Width: 12.875 in.
Height: 13 in.
Depth: 4.25 in.
Fits: 4.5 in. opening

Price: $175.00