Large Fishbowl with Dolphin Base


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Zoo Med Glass Works

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Classic fishbowl with glass footed Dolphin base; The most beautiful bowl that rests on a glass dolphin base in the new Zoo Med Glassworks line! Large 3 gallon capacity bowl which will work for Bettas’, Endlers’, Killifish, Crayfish, Snails, plants, etc. Or, you can dry decorate with Black fan coral, Coral sand, SLO Mermaids and various rocks, coral and castles. Set this one up in your house or shop and everyone will want one!!

Bowls are double boxed when shipped, and shipping is $30 per bowl for domestic orders.

Product Dimensions


3 Gallon (Approx.)
Width: 12 in.
Height: 16.5 in.

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