New Larger Top Opening! - Canteen Fishbowl Tall (3 Gallon)


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New Larger Top Opening!

This is the most popular bowl made for the antique 1920's art deco fish bowl stands. I purchased the original glass bowl mold from the original glass factory, and have made a small production run to provide bowls for my personal collection of stands that are missing them. I estimate that only one out of every 10 stands found still has the original bowl. I had these bowls blown in "Leaded Crystal" clear glass so you can not only enjoy the stand but the fish as well. The original bowls were made from vaseline glass (high uranium content, not manufactured anymore) and were either yellow, green or amber in color.

Bowls are double boxed when shipped, and shipping is $30 per bowl for domestic orders.


Verona Mermaid Stand, Ship Stand, Japan Fishing Man Stand, plus many others. If you are in doubt please email a photo of your stand and measure the width of the cradle (Bowl Holder), and I will reply with and answer. Email to: customerservice@vintagefishbowl.com








Product Dimensions


3 Gallon (Approx.)
Width: 15 in.
Depth: 5.5 in.
Height: 14.5 in.

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