Beautiful Antique Art Deco Frankart Floor Fishbowl Stand VERY RARE!!!!

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Here is one of the rarest fishbowl stands made by the Frankart Company around 1928. Frankart made 2 table top models and 2 floor models and this is by far the rarest of the 4. This stand is painted in a Verde green and is forged cast iron with a cast dancing maiden at the top. The stand itself is 43" high and with the bowl is 48" high. The width at the legs is 12" and the width at the top cradle is 6". I have only seen 2 of these stands in my 35+ years of collecting antique aquariums and fishbowl stands. The table-top models I have seen about 6 and the other floor model I have seen 3. This is a rare and highly collectable piece of Frankart and aquarium history. 2 gallon Canteen bowl is included. Please ask any further questions.

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